tube style Switchback LED Strip Xenon White-Amber Headlight DRL Daytime Running Light

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Product Details

NEW 2014 LED Tube Strip Design 


1 Pair (2 pieces) High Quality Dual Color Switchback Function LED Strip Xenon White  / Amber Yellow

Product Details

High quality NEW 2014 FlexibleTube Design Switchback LED  for headlight Audi Style effects. Powerful SMD LEDs . Can be used for numerous other accent lighting designs. 12 Volt DC Operation, can be wired into your existing car lights.

Ultra Bright SMD White LED lights to be used as daytime running lights and Amber Yellow LED lights to be used as turn signal lights

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Flexible Tube DRL, Clips & Screws, Connecting Cables

Package Features:

  • Suiteable for DC 12V Power Supply Only
  • 1 Pair of Flexi Tube Ultra Bright NEW Design LED Light
  • LED Tube Length: Roughly ~860mm each strip
  • Red and Yellow wires = Positive, Black wire = Negative

*** The Lights will require you to open up the Headlight and reseal them. You may install them your self but we recommend you to have them installed professionally. Instructions are NOT included with the purchase. We do not take any responsibility for any damage or labor that is involved with the installation of this product. Please make sure that you test the lights prior to installing to ensure they are working before proceeding with any type of work.


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