As a car own, regular maintenance is needed to prevent future damages. Do not ignore your regular preventive maintenance, these regular check-ups can keep you from any serious major problems. As the statistics have shown, the most service or repair car owners are concerned of is the low or contaminated water fluid. 25% had low or dirty engine oil and most of the services needed had a fair share of percentage, dirty air filters, new windshield wipers, inadequate cooling protection, contaminated or low brake fluid and needed new belts.

Check frequently your car’s dashboard light indicators, lights, tire inflation and condition, windshield washer fluid and engine oil level.

Do your own inspection. Check the tire inflation and condition. The tire’s air pressure can give you a better mileage. Bad tire pressures affect the fuel economy of the car. The Proper pressure of the tire is determined, do not exceed from the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation to avoid susceptibility to damage and a reduction of ride comfort may occur. Regardless of the tread depth, the recommended replacement schedule of tires is every 5 to 6 years.

Check every 3 months or 3,000 miles the automatic transmission fluid of your car, the battery and cables, belts, engine air filter, engine oil, exhaust, hoses power steering fluid.

The fluids of your vehicle must be closely checked, do not ignore leakage. There are fluid levels that you have to check against a notch and if the fluid is running low add more of the liquid or get it changed. Know the difference between a clean oil and a murky oil. Check your vehicle’s manual to know how frequent you are going to change the oil.

Belts can be changed every 60,000 miles or 40,000 miles, it depends on the car’s manual. Do not wait for the belts to fail and get worn off, it can damage other accessories and repair can be even more expensive.

Clean the battery with battery cleaning brush, check if there are leakage, mineral build ups or other build ups on the contacts. Since batteries do not require much attention in the maintenance, consider a battery tester or jump starter to be ready in times of a jump start. Check the spark plugs, this can avoid car breakdown.

To keep your car comfortable and running better, keep your car air filters maintained, replace your engine air filters and cabin air filters. Idling in heavy traffic, driving on dusty roads, or towing heavy loads can be stressful to the engines thus a replacement is needed. Cabin air filters are designed to keep the air inside the car clean and free of dust, smoke and unpleasant odor from the outside environment.

When washing your car you are removing the dead bugs, bird waste, dirt, and chemicals that have accumulated on the car, wash your car with a non-household cleaning material. Household cleaning materials agents can strip off the car’s protective wax.


Do not skip your scheduled preventive maintenance to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently.