When you turn on those bright LED fog lights, they are helpful for sure. They can also be slightly misleading, but allow me to explain. You see, what you gain in immediate visibility, you lose in terms of reach. That means you aren’t going to be able to see as clearly further down the road. That is why you always see people slowing down when they use the fog lights. That makes for a good reason to find the brightest LED fog lights for better visibility under certain driving conditions.

There have been debates about which color is the best. If you have seen anyone tout any other color than white or yellow, realize that other colors aren’t legal for the road. However, the debate is still out about just the yellow and white fog lights. You will want to look at the information and decide for yourself. Some people say that white fog lights are best, and some people say that yellow fog lamps are the best choice.

Why do people choose yellow fog lamp lighting?

The idea is that the selective yellow lighting helps reduce blue to violet wavelengths. That may or may not be true, or helpful for that matter, but again, that’s more information to go on. You are also going to want to make sure that you are buying fog lamps from a trusted source. There are people that are buying them for off-road driving, and there are sellers that are selling illegitimate fog lamps under the notion that you can purchase them for the same reason.

You can surely purchase fog lamps for off-road driving, but people are buying them and then taking to the road with them as well. You want to buy the right fog lamps to help you see under conditions in which you need more visibility on the road. The fact of the matter is you’re going to have to do so legally.

Have you heard of HID or high intensity discharge lights?

These are halogen bulbs, not LED lights, and they can blind drivers coming your way. You don’t want that, and that is precisely the biggest reason why you want to do the right thing and get legal LED fog lamps for your vehicle. The last thing you want to do is make the road unsafe for other drivers. Only look at products that are legal, and decide which of the fog lighting lamps would help you when road visibility doesn’t come easy.


Stock fog lights aren’t said to improve visibility much at all, but they sure seem like they do, don’t they? Our eyes can play tricks on us sometimes. Still, the best fog lamps should be an improvement, but you just have to remember to slow down when using them. Slowing down in the process is part of driving with your fog lights on. And by the way, LED fog lights are solid state, in case you are still considering halogen bulbs or those delicate and dangerous HID bulbs.

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