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Fault Code Interface for OBDII Protocols

Diagnose and Clear Your Service Engine Light Yourself!!!

Turn you laptop into a powerful diagnostic station with the ultimate in DIY car maintenance products. Perform amazing real-time diagnostics of your own car, all you need is this ELM 327 BlueTooth to OBDII 16 pin interface and your multimedia device. Feel the rush of instantly modifying settings and clearing errors in your vehicle from the comfort of your laptop computer. This BlueTooth enabled device will save you a ton of money by enabling you to analyze your cars errors and view results within minutes. Just install the software provided with this product and you can diagnose the problem without the need of making a costly trip to the repair shop.

Capable of performing the simplest task such as reading and displaying error codes plus monitoring real time data, to the most complex tasks like exporting data to spreadsheet, recording graph data, and much more. This OBDII interface device makes a very handy tool to have in your garage, whether you are just an average car owner who does some of their own car maintenance to the true professional mechanic.

Package Contents:

ELM327 BlueTooth Diagnostic Tool

Newest Version 1.3a

User CD Manual, Drivers, & Software - English
Included Software :


Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database).
Monitor real time data in Metric or US Standard

Display current sensor data, including:

Engine RPM

Calculated Load Value

Coolant Temperature

Fuel System Status

Vehicle Speed

Short Term Fuel Trim

Long Term Fuel Trim

Intake Manifold Pressure

Timing Advance

Intake Air Temperature

Air Flow Rate

Absolute Throttle Position

Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims

Fuel System status

Fuel Pressure

Many others...


Manufacturer Specifications:

Primary Function: BlueTooth interface for all OBDII compliant vehicles.
OBDII Plug: J1962 16-Pin Male (to Car)
Supports CAN Bus

Compatible with all OBDII protocols:

ISO 15765-4 CAN / ISO14230-4 / KWP2000 / ISO9141-2 /J1850 PWM / J1850 ISO 15765-4 CAN / ISO14230-4 / KWP2000 / ISO9141-2 / PWM J1850 / J1850

Examples of Compliant Vehicles:

Alfa Romeo / Audi / BMW / Chevrolet / Chrysler / Citroen / Daewoo / Daihatsu / Datsun / Dodge / Fiat / Ford / Honda / Hyundai / Isuzu / Jaguar / Jeep / Kia / Lamborghini / Lancia / Land Rover / Lexus / Lotus / Mazda / Mercedes-Benz / MG / Mini / Mitsubishi / Nissan / Peugeot / Proton / Renault / Rover / Saab / Seat / Skoda / Smart / Subaru / Suzuki / Toyota / TVR / Vauxhall / Opel / Volkswagen / Volvo / +MORE!!!

Software Included For:

Palm PDA
Windows PC

Windows Smartphone


Other Features:

Export data for spreadsheet and printing
Record and graph data
Refer to your car manual or check with your vehicle manufacturer, dealer or local mechanic to verify whether this device will work with your particular model of vehicle (or message me to find out).



FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the software easy to use? Yes. All the screens have clearly labeled choices.
Can it reset service lights? Yes, it can reset all service interval reminders including fixed and variable service displays.


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