There are two types of break, and their purpose may be the same but there are things that distinguish them.

Disc Brakes: A caliper is the source of the stopping process with the disc brake, the caliper is composed with two brake pads which are located on the rotor disc that is attached to the wheel. Hydraulic fluid is then forced from the master cylinder to the caliper, which results slowing the friction and stopping the axle.

Drum Brakes: These brakes are attached to the wheel, it works differently with disc brakes. Hydraulic fluid is forced towards the wheel cylinder thus it pushes the brake shoes outward resulting it to be the source of the slowing process of friction and axle bringing to stop.

Brake Maintenance

Brakes are the most important part of the car. Pay attention to the warning light dashboard, odd sounds and the braking distance of the vehicle, always pay attention to these characteristics. Inspect your brakes, if you suspect that you seem to have a brake issue immediately take it to repair. Odd braking noise is an indicator that it needs to be checked and replaced.

Squealing or squeaking noise indicates that the brake pads of the car require replacement. If the sound persists after going to the brake pad replacement service, have an appointment to a local repair shop for a brake system evaluation. Broken anti-rattle clips or glazed brake pads can cause the brakes to squeal.

Grinding noise indicates that there is something wrong with the brake system of your car. An obstruction may have to be removed, a small rock or a tiny debris may have gotten into the system.

In any case, that concerns the brake system of your car immediately have your brakes evaluated and taken care of, this might potentially put you and your passengers in an unsafe and uncomfortable situation.

Shock Absorbers and Struts

As most of the vehicles are designed with coil springs, there are vehicles designed with shocks. Shocks or shock absorbers are springs mounted in between the frame and wheels of the car, some vehicles are designed with struts. Struts are a combination of coil spring and shock absorber. The function of these car parts is to give you a safe and comfortable ride, it keeps the vehicle from bouncing continually when you are driving over a bumpy road or a patch of rough road. Without these car parts, the cars would be in an extremely uncomfortable zone, hard to control and potentially unsafe. Shocks and struts tend to wear out even though they are not technically required to be replaced every now and then. Problems with the shocks and struts are difficult to notice, such as broken or worn mounts, dented or damaged bodies of the shocks and struts or a fluid leakage. These manifestations can be seen only by the professionals, this is the reason why you have to stop 10 feet sooner. Have your system evaluated after 50,000 miles, and have the shocks and struts replaced.