HID lights or commonly known as xenon headlights, HID feature an arc of electricity created by electricity traveling amongst two tungsten electrodes inside the bulb, which is filled with xenon gas. This will lead to a brighter light which you do not get from a tungsten element alone. To put into perspective you can get up to three thousand lumens from a HID bulb versus a halogen bulb that only emits half the amount of it, for a difference of ninety square meters against thirty square meters of illumination. That result in better visibility at night when you are driving and surely it will increase your safety even when it is raining. HID bulbs can also last longer and uses much less energy than a halogen bulb two thousand hours versus just four hundred fifty hours for the halogen bulb. It may be more expensive but it is most advisable especially to the newer models of cars. If you want safety driving and if you want to make your car look cooler do not hesitate to install HID lights on your car, you will not regret it.

Common questions regarding HID lights

Will HID`s fit your halogen car?

If your car is designed for halogen bulb definitely no, if you compare the two light bulbs, you can immediately see that they very different from each other there for they are not interchangeable. The reason for this is that halogen bulbs can plug directly with no problem on the counterpart due to gas discharge technology used by HID bulb, the base of the bulb has to be designed in such different way to fit.

Will halogen bulb fit your HID car?

Halogen bulbs can sometimes fit it. Most cars use separate bulbs for their dipped and high beams, and on HID car, you may find HID bulb in your dipped beam and a halogen on your high beam, however, a halogen bulb will not fit on a HID socket and this goes for the HID bulb also, it will not fit on a halogen socket.

How about HID conversion kit?

Yes, with the help of this kit you can fit your HID bulb to your halogen car. You can buy this at the market or in the online shop, but not all of this will work you are lucky if it will.

How do I know if my car uses HID bulbs?

There are a couple approaches to check this. You can look in your vehicle handbook, which will show the most exceptional fitting data. On the off chance that your vehicle utilizes Xenon HIDs, you’ll be searching for a fitting that starts with a ‘D, for example, ‘D2S’. In case you’re after a nearby shading match for manufacturing plant fitted HIDs, there are a few globules with a higher Kelvin rating than the ones said above. It would be ideal if you take note of that these are not street legitimate and are not reasonable for use on open streets.