Over the years, riding a bike has become so much more than a method of transportation, but many people now enjoy biking as a leisure activity, hobby and even sport. Biking on a regular basis has many benefits and one of this includes increasing overall fitness as well as helping you to lose weight by burning excess calories. Anyone can learn to ride a bike quite easily and it is a very low impact exercise which means that it is easy on your joints. However, whenever you ride your bike, there are many dangers that you can encounter. There are many safety precautions that need to be taken while riding and it is essential that you have lights on your bike. So, with that said, we will now take a closer look at why you should have lights on your bike.

Reasons Why You Should Have Lights On Your Bike

The first reason is that it may be against the law to ride without having lights on your bikes. Now, this depends on the country that you live in, but generally speaking, it is illegal to ride without lights. The main reason for this is because without Outbound Lighting, you and your bike will not only pose a hazard to others on the road, but also yourself.

Next, another reason why you need to have lights on your bike is to be seen by other motorists and pedestrians. It is important to have lights on during the day and the night because even during the day, conditions may become poor. This may be due to a lot of sand, rain, dust etc. The entire point is that if other motorists and pedestrians cannot see you, then there is a greater risk of an accident occurring. Unfortunately, while others may be protected by their vehicle, you are actually quite vulnerable on your bike. A collision with a car might prove fatal for you, which means that you need to take every precaution possible. During the night, it is critical that you use the lights on your bike as well as wear reflective clothing. This will ensure that others can see you and maintain a safe distance.

Another reason why you should have lights on your bike that doesn’t include your own safety, is the safety of others. As mentioned above, it is important for motorists to see you, but it is also important for pedestrians to see you as well. A collision with a pedestrian can be quite damaging, especially to the pedestrian.

Lastly, the final reason why you should have lights on your bike is so that you can actually see where you’re going. This is extremely important in the night as well as during the day when there are poor light conditions. After all, without that light to guide you, it can be very easy to get lost.


In closing, we have just covered the importance of lights on bikes and why you should use them. In the event that your bike doesn’t have lights, then you should make sure to get some installed as soon as possible.