68 Smd H8 Led Fog Lights Bulbs Bmw E90 E92 3 Series

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This products features a pair (2 pieces) high power HyperFlux 68-SMD H11 (aka H8) LED bulbs, designed by I.P.F from Japan.

This LED bulb is direct replacement for the stock 55W H11 (aka H8) halogen bulb for fog light or daytime running light.

This aesthetical "add-up" will transform your stock yellowish halogen fog lights or daytime running lights into a beautiful and exact 6000K Ultra White HID look without paying the HID price.

Suitable applications:

  • Fog Light Lamps
  • Daytime Running Light Lamps

Note: for some vehicles like Audi, BMW, etc which have on board computer (OBC), you might need to add a pair load resistors in order to avoid the error message showing up on dashboard or bulb malfunction problem.

Fog Lights Bulbs BMW Fog Lights Bulbs BMW

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